Seeking professional financial advice gives you more in your pension pot

Research by Aegon shows that people who seek pensions advice from a financial adviser have more in their pension pot than those who do not.

The survey of 10,000 people shows that those who do seek advice have on average £246,000 in their pension pot compared to £95,000 for those who don’t.

The Aegon research also shows that those who take advice reported total non-pension savings of £65,000 compared with just £32,000 for those who did not seek financial advice.  It also showed lower unsecured debt at £3,700 versus £6,400.

“This research really shows the financial benefits of seeking professional financial advice” says Andrew Gilmore, Chartered Financial Planner “as a chartered firm, our advisers are not only highly qualified and experienced, but our technical knowledge and skills are kept up to date with continuous professional development”

The research shows that just 9% of those without a financial adviser have a financial plan stretching more than 10 years, compared to 34% of advised clients.

“Here at Active Chartered Financial Planners we are very client focused; our priority is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients” says Andrew “our bespoke client review system was designed to ensure that we meet with our clients regularly, not only to update them, but also to adjust any plans as clients’ circumstances or financial objectives change.”

The Aegon report also found that financial advice improves people’s mindset when it comes to their finances.  44% of people who seek financial advice combine healthy finances and a positive mindset to money, compared to just 10% of those who do not.

“Being in regular communication with your financial planner allows clients to understand all of their options – at every stage of their lives” says Andrew

“If clients’ circumstances or plans change along the way, then the pro-active nature of the service that we offer should provide peace of mind for your future”


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